How To Save Money on Your Storage Unit

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To save money on their monthly mortgage payment and monthly utility bills, many families are choosing to down size their homes. However, even after donating items to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and hosting the fourth garage sale of the year, many families are left with extra possessions that they are unable to part with. However, in their new spaces, they simply don't have room.  For that extra couch, family heirloom, or box of holiday decorations, many people are choosing to rent a storage unit to keep their additional possessions safe. If not shopped for correctly, you could wind up spending the money you saved (on downsizing) on a storage unit, so it is always wise to shop around before committing to a particular facility. Many facilities will also offer specific promotions and discounts to make renting a unit cheaper. Things you may want to ask about (which can save you money) before renting include:
  • Reserving Online For some major self-storage facilities, prospective tenants are able to reserve their storage space online. Not only does this make securing your storage unit easier, but usually storage facilities will offer a discount to those who book online. The average discount for reserving your storage unit online may be as high as 15 percent, but the average discount is ten percent.
  • First-Time Renters Discounts Many storage unit facilities offer free or a discounted first month's rent to first time tenants, and, because of the current economy, many are also more inclined to cut deals to first-time renters to entice business. Case in point, Toronto Self Storage is currently offering 99 percent off first month's rent to first time tenants.
  • Group Discounts Another way to benefit from a more inexpensive storage unit rent, is by inquiring about any discounts the facility may offer to special groups. Many storage unit facilities will provide discounts to military members or senior citizens with the average discount being between 10 and 15 percent.
Regardless of which company you decide to rent a storage unit with, you should always make sure that the facility offers 24/ 7 access and security. If you will be storing valuable items, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled unit to better protect items such as grandma's piano or the family kitchen table from extreme temperatures and humidity.

How to Buy Gold and Silver

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Massage Music: Promotion For Massage Therapists

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LifeShield Home Security

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