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Posted on September 21st, 2010 by Promotions Discounts  |  No Comments » sapphire earrings coupon code discountSeptember Deal: 1/2 ct Sapphire Stud Earrings for just $19.99! Since September is the Sapphire Month, SuperJeweler is offering these scintillating 1/2ct sapphire stud earrings in sterling silver for just $19.99! They make the perfect gift for those September babies or anyone who simply enjoys the allure of sapphire. Before you know it, though, September will be gone and so will this deal.

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FREE Shipping on orders over $50 at coupon codeFREE Shipping on orders over $50 at Simply click here to order, then use coupon code: FALLSHIP A personalized stationery retailer, has thousands of products to choose from. Customers can personalize greetings, invitations and announcements, adding their own photos and messages to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes for every occasion, from birthdays to holidays to weddings.

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Posted on September 16th, 2010 by Promotions Discounts  |  No Comments » promo code coupon code has a great day going on now.  Save $20! This deal is for a gorgeous Asiatic Sunset Lily Bouquet is like adding sunshine to any room for you or someone special. It's packed with 10 stems of brilliantly colored lilies and makes a lavish presentation. Asiatic Lilies are associated with wealth and prosperity. These Asiatic Lilies are especially luscious with their vibrant yellow and fiery orange coloring. You can get $20 off this bouquet for the entire month of September. That''s only $39.95 (regularly $59.95)

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Posted on September 11th, 2010 by Promotions Discounts  |  No Comments » is offering 10% off ALL products! promo code coupon code All you have to do is click here to place your order. Never heard of  Here are some Questions and Answers for you, from the diamond manufacture experts: Q: What are your stones made out of, and how are they different from natural diamonds? A: Diamonds are made of carbon only.  Our stones feature carbon and eight other additional elements: oxygen, sulphur, iron, cobalt, nickel, yttrium, zirconium, and hafnium. Q: Why can’t you make your stones with just carbon? A: Actually, we have managed to create diamond simulants out of pure carbon, but they are limited in size and are very expensive to produce.  This would prevent us from making them affordable to you, so we are not selling them just yet.  We hope to perfect the process someday soon, though, and then we will make them available to the public. Q: My neighbor’s cousin’s co-worker’s sister said that Diamond Nexus stones are just regular CZ.  Are they? A: No, actually they’re not.  CZ, or cubic zirconia, contain only two elements: zirconium and oxygen.  While Diamond Nexus gemstones do also contain these elements, (which is where some people get confused,) they have seven more as well.  And while the manufacturing process of Diamond Nexus gemstones begins much the same as the manufacturing process of CZ, there are many more steps and treatments involved in a Diamond Nexus gemstone.  The result is a different stone with different, better properties. Q: So Diamond Nexus gemstones are not CZ.  What makes them better? A: The problem with CZ is that they’re not as strong as diamonds, and also they’re much more porous.  This means that they can break or chip at any time, and that they will absorb dirt and oils over the years to become cloudy and unattractive.  Diamond Nexus gemstones are made to be much harder and less porous – so much so, in fact, that their properties are almost exactly identical to natural diamonds.  This means that, unlike CZ, a Diamond Nexus gemstone will never break, never chip, and never lose its sparkle.  It can even cut glass. Q: Why do you talk so much about ethics and environmental consciousness? A: The diamond industry is extremely notorious for its practices, not only in business but also in production.  Aside from worldwide market manipulation, the diamond cartel has been tangled up in issues of slavery, mutilation, terrorism, and genocide for decades.  Even legitimate diamond mining operations are responsible for massive deforestation, pollution, destruction of wildlife, and hazardous working conditions leading to the suffering and death of hundreds to thousands of workers.  We believe that diamond simulants are more than an affordable alternative to the hype that the cartel has worked up for its own benefit; we believe they may be a key factor in ending the cycle of violence, devastation, and murder.

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