Saving money online is simple. That’s the premise behind PromotionsAndDiscounts.

All you have to do is use coupon codes online, and you can save a lot of money.

We aim to be your go to resource, not only for finding out about coupons, but also for finding out about other coupon sites.

There are so many great coupon sites online, and we’d be remiss (and egotistical) if we thought we were going to be your only coupon source.

This site is run by Cooper Discante.
Cooper is known as the “coupon king” around family and friends. He likes to help friends save money by telling them about coupons and promotions he know about.

He’s done this for a LONG time.

And he usually knows about a deal or two at most stores. It’s really amazing to go shopping with him

When interviewed, Cooper said:

I guess I’ve always been like that. I used to stay up late and my parents would have to tell me to go to bed… not because I was watching the TV, but because I was reading the classifieds. Maybe there’s something wrong with me… But it’s just always been like this. I like to compare discounts and see where I can get the best deals and coupon codes. Anyway, I also like long walks on the beach (seriously) and I’m big into skydiving. If you want to know about skydiving or simple ways to save money with coupons, just ask me.